Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

DVD review for Videosyncrasy film magazine
Written on Nov 12, 2005 by Blake Neale

The Oompa Loompas both impress and annoy but it’s actually the grandad’s sudden recovery at the sight of the golden ticket that makes me want to snap the disc in half while it’s still in the player.

The songs are horrible and I’m not sure about the final joke either, as the poor lip-sync leaves me with a taste in my mouth that’s not for chocolate. Those big gripes aside, I do like Johnny Depp’s pale Willy.

Still, the original is ten million times better and the songs alone win it. Plus Gene Wilder is far more yummy looking and the chocolate is brilliant.

Wait a minute. Strike that… reverse it.

Both films teach children to be ungrateful little oiks, lie, cheat, steal and fake disability though – and for that there’s no excuse.

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