Review: Jurassic Park (1993)

Re-released DVD review for Videosyncrasy film magazine
Written in Nov, 2005 by Blake Neale

Oh dear, oh dear, what a right old pickle this is – and to think it had everything going for it: dinosaurs and… okay just the dinosaurs. But they’re great and the effects still deliver to this day. It’s just the film is ridiculously silly and doesn’t really work – and that’s taking the extracting dino DNA from mosquitoes and splicing it with that of frogs storyline as a given. (The silliness isn’t evident in the novel at all.)

Plus the children are incredibly annoying, and I can’t help but feel the dash for the chopper at the end misses a final scare from the t-rex too.

All in all it’s still quite fun though – with some fantastic sound design that evokes a real sense of atmosphere that you simply can’t get from the book. Great music. Amusing use of actual merchandising in-picture. But disappointing in how daft everything generally is: MOVE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL (and later, THE TREE) UNTIL THE JEEPS* HAVE FALLEN DOWN, ARGH, FFS. Et cetera.

Don’t get me started on the sequel.

*apparently they’re not Jeeps, they’re Ford Explorers. But that’s why I review films and not automobiles.

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